Non-Presidential Medals

The club has commissioned medals in celebration of milestone events such as the 1,000th meeting in 1958 and the 25th anniversary of the RNA.s annual coin show in 1997 as well as in commemoration, such as the John Jay Pittman memorial medal of 1996.
Special thanks to John Zabel for donating the images in this collection

RNA 500th Meeting

RNA 25th Anniversary - sterling

RNA 35th Anniversary

RNA 1000th Meeting - bronze

RNA 1000th Meeting - silver

RNA 50th Anniversary - bronze

RNA 50th Anniversary - nickel

RNA 60th Anniversary - bronze

RNJA 30th Anniversary

Susan Anthony - 1979 bronze

Susan Anthony - 1979 silver

Bea Babin - white metal

RNA 70th Anniversary - bronze

A.A. Kolb - bronze

A.A. Kolb - gold plate

Rochester Sesquicentennial

RNA 75th Anniversary - bronze

RNA 75th Anniversary - silver

American Vecturist - RNA medal

John Jay Pittman - bronze

John Jay Pittman - silver

RNA 25th Annual Show

Long Service medal

Long Service medal - bronze

RNA Year 2000

RNA 30th Annual Show - silver

RNA 90th Anniversary - bronze

RNA 90th Anniversary - silver

James Sanders - bronze

James Sanders - silver

RJNA 2005 - bronze

RJNA 2005 - silver

RNA 2000th Meeting - bronze

RNA 2000th Meeting - silver

RNA 100th Anniversary

Joint Meeting RNA & RPA

Joint meeting held July 13, 2017

RNA - RPA Joint Meeting

Joint meeting held on February 14, 2019 between the RNA and RPA

RNA 40th Annual Coin Show - Silver

Silver medal for the 40th Annual RNA Coin show in 2012

RNA 40th Annual Coin Show - Gold

Gold plated medal for the 40th Annual RNA Coin show in 2012

Mike Luck Memorial Medal

Mike Luck served as Librarian and Assistant Curator prior to his death

Ted Vaccarella Memorial medal

Ted Vacarella was an active member who served as treasurer for many years after serving as president