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MedalsTokens100 Greatest American Medals & TokensKaterine Jaegar and Q. David Bowers12015Whitman Publishing119
Medals100 Greatest American Tokens and MedalsKatherine Jaeger and Q. David Bowers12015Whitman Publishing119
US100 Greatest U. S. CoinsGarrett, J and Guth, R02003Harris, H E119
US50 States Commemorative Coin Program StudyCoopers and Lybrand01997US Mint0
TokenA Tune for a TokenQ. David Bowers22019Token and Medal Society223
biographyAbe Kosoff: Dean of NumismaticsBowers, Q. David01985Bowers & Merena351
USAdventures with Rare CoinsBowers, Q. David01997Vestal Press305
worldaluminumAluminum CoinsKortjohn, Martin F000000
UScurrencyAmerica's Currency, 1789-1866 (Coinage of the Americas Conference (Coac)American Numismatic Association01986ANS142
UShistoryAmerica's Money Amefica's StoryDoty, Richard01998Krause244
casinoAmerican Casino GuideBourie, Steve000000
ANSAmerican Journal of NumismaticsAmerican Numismatic Society02002ANS0
NumismaticsAmerican Journal of NumismaticsThe American Numismatic Society of New York22020The American Numismatic Society450
ANSAmerican Journal of Numismatics 10, 1998American Numismatic Society01998ANS0
ANSAmerican Journal of Numismatics 11, 1999American Numismatic Society01999ANS0
ANSAmerican Journal of Numismatics 12: Second SeriesAmerican Numismatic Society02001ANS0
NumismaticsAmerican Journal of Numismatics 33The American Numismatic Society332021The American Numismatic Society264
auctionAmerican numismatic literature: An annotated survey of auction sales, 1980-1991Davis, Charles E01992Quarterman218
auctionAmerican numismatic literature: An annotated survey of auction sales, 1980-1991Davis, Charles E01992Quarterman218
auctionAmerican numismatic literature: An annotated survey of auction sales, 1980-1991Davis, Charles E01992Quarterman218
auctionAmerican numismatic literature: An annotated survey of auction sales, 1980-1991Davis, Charles E01992Quarterman218
ANS??American Numismatic Society 1996 Annual ReportAmerican Numismatic Society00000ANS0
ANSAmerican Numismatic Society Museum Notes 10American Numismatic Society01962ANS0
ANSAmerican Numismatic Society Museum Notes 11American Numismatic Society01964ANS0
ANSAmerican Numismatic Society Museum Notes 12American Numismatic Society01966ANS0
ANSAmerican Numismatic Society Museum Notes 13American Numismatic Society01967ANS0
ANSAmerican Numismatic Society Museum Notes 15American Numismatic Society01969ANS0
ANSAmerican Numismatic Society Museum Notes 16American Numismatic Society01970ANS0
ANSAmerican Numismatic Society Museum Notes 17American Numismatic Society01971ANS0
ANSAmerican Numismatic Society Museum Notes 18American Numismatic Society01972ANS0
ANSAmerican Numismatic Society Museum Notes 19American Numismatic Society01974ANS0
ANSAmerican Numismatic Society Museum Notes 20American Numismatic Society01975ANS0
ANSAmerican Numismatic Society Museum Notes 27American Numismatic Society01982ANS0
ANSAmerican Numismatic Society Museum Notes 28American Numismatic Society01983ANS0
ANSAmerican Numismatic Society Museum Notes 29American Numismatic Society01984ANS0
ANSAmerican Numismatic Society Museum Notes 8American Numismatic Society01958ANS0
ANSAmerican Numismatic Society Museum Notes 9American Numismatic Society01960ANS0
ANS??American Numismatic Society Museum Notes I - 1945American Numismatic Society000000
historyAmerican Numismatics Before the Civil War 1760-1860Bowers, Q. David01998Bowers & Merena Galleries429
USGradingANA Grading Standards for US CoinsBressett, Kenneth62005Whitman351
USGradingANA Grading Standards for US CoinsBressett, Kenneth72013Whitman375
ancientAncient Coin CollectingSayles, Wayne G01996Krause197
ancientAncient Coin Collecting II: Numismatic Art of the Greek WorldSayles, Wayne G01996Krause197
ancientGreekAncient Coin Collecting II: Numismatic Art of the Greek WorldSayles, Wayne G01997Krause197
ancientRomanAncient Coin Collecting IV: Roman Provincial CoinsSayles, Wayne G01998Krause198
ancientGreekAncient Coins Illustrating Lost Masterpieces of Greek ArtImhoof-Blumer, F & Gardner, P01964Argonaut176
Gr BritainAnglo-Saxon CoinsVolk, T R01985Fitzwilliam Museum48
USmedalsArrangement of Medals and Tokens Struck in Honor of the Presidents of the United States and the Presidential Candidates, AnSatterlee, Alfred H019620
ancientGreekArt and Coinage in Magna GraeciaHolloway, R Ross01978Edizioni Arte e Moneta, Bellinzona173
artcommemArt in Commemorative CoinsBecker, Thomas W01962Thomas W Becker53
UStokensAtwood's Catalogue of United States and Canadian Transportation Coinage (Supplement)Atwood, Roland C300000
UStokensAtwood's Catalogue of United States and Canadian Transportation TokensAtwood, Roland C300000
AustraliaAustralian Coins and BanknotesMcDonald, Greg212014Self552
UStokensBaum's Checklist and Album of Office of Price Administration TokensBaum, J W000000
generalBeauty and Lore of Coins, Currency and Medals, TheClain-Stefanelli, Elvira Eliza and Vladimir000000
auctionBibliography of American Numismatic Auction Catalogues 1828-1875, AAttonelli, Emmanuel Joseph000000
Gr BritainBritish Commonwealth CoinageLinecar, Howard W A000000
Gr BritainBritish Commonwealth CoinsRemick, Jerome, et al319710
Gr BritaincopperBritish Copper Coins and Their Values, 1969-1970Seaby, P J & Bussel, Monica700000
ancientRomanBritish Museum Keys to the Past: The Coins of Roman BritainBurnett, Andrew000000
USsilverBust Half FeverSouders, Edgar E11995Money Tree330
ByzantineByzantine CoinsPhillip Grierson11982University of California Press411
ByzantineByzantine Coins and Their ValuesSear, David R000000
USgoldCalifornia Gold: Dollars, Half Dollars, Quarter DollarsLee, Kenneth W000000
USproofCameo and Brilliant Proof: Coinage of the 1950 to 1970 EraTomaska, Rick J01991Rick Tomaska0
CanadacurrencyCanada and Newfoundland Paper Money 1866-1935Charlton, James E000000
CanadasilverCanadian Silver DollarsGilmore, Starr01961Canadian Num. Pub. Inst.96
FrancetokensCatalog of French Emergency Tokens of 1914-1922, ALamb, Robert A000000
GermanytokensCatalog of German War Tokens: The Municipal Issues 1914-1921Lamb, Robert A000000
worldCatalog of Modern World Coins, 1850-1950, AYeoman, R S1100000
worldCatalog of Modern World Coins, AYeoman, R S1000000
USCatalogue of Coins of the United StatesUnited States Mint019280
EuropeancurrencyCatalogue of European Paper Money since 1900Pick, Albert219740
GermanyCatalogue of German CoinsArnold, P, Steinhilber, D and Kuthmann, H000000
IsraelCatalogue of Israel's Coins, Currency and Medals Including Palestine MandateBertram, Fred119660
PapalmedalsCatalogue of Papal MedalsSpink and Son, Ltd.000000
PolandCatalogue of Polish Coins, The, 1916-1958Terlecki, Wladyslaw000000
ScandanaviaCatalogue of Scandanavian CoinsHobson, Burton219720
RomaniacurrencyCatalogue of the Bank Notes of RoumaniaComan, V019670
Gr BritainCatalogue of the Coins of Great Britain and IrelandSeaby, B A019360
NepalCatalogue of the Coins of NepalDept. of Archaeology and Culture of His Majesty's Gvmt of Nepal019630
ANSmedalsCatalogue of the International Exhibition of Contemporary MedalsAmerican Numismatic Society019100
S AmericacurrencyCatalogue of the Paper Money of Colombia and PeruBeresiner, Yasha L, Ed.100000
worldCatalogue of the world's most popular coins.Reinfeld, Fred01965Sterling Pub. Co.288
ANSCertificate of Incorporation, Constitution and BylawsAmerican Numismatic Society000000
UScommemCertified Commemoratives: Investing, Collecting & Trading 1892-1954Laibstain, Harry01995DLRC Press135
CanadaCharlton Coin Guide 1978Charlton, James E18197764
CanadaCharlton Standard Catalogue Canadian CoinsCross, W K562001Charlton0
CanadaCharlton Standard Catalogue Canadian Coins 2000Cross, W K541999Charlton0
USvarietiesCherrypickers' Guide to Rare Die Varieties of US Coins Volume IIFivaz, Bill & Stanton, J T42006Whitman449
ChinacurrencyChinese Banknotes IMatravers, B and Smith, Ward D000000
ChinacurrencyChinese Banknotes IIMatravers, B and Smith, Ward D000000
ChinacurrencyChinese CurrencySchjoth, Fredrik000000
cleaningCleaning and Preservation of Coins and MedalsWelter, Gerhard01976S J Durst117
generalCoin 1978 Year BookCoin Monthly1119780
ancientJewishCoin and temple; a study of the architectural representation on ancient Jewish coins.Muehsam, Alice01966Leeds U Oriental Society0
ancientJewishCoin and temple; a study of the architectural representation on ancient Jewish coins.Near Eastern researches,01966Leeds U Oriental Society0
collectingCoin Clinic: 1,001 Frequently Asked QuestionsHerbert, Alan01995Krause223
collectingCoin Collectors Almanac, TheSchulman, Hans M F and Holzer, H W019460
MexicosilverCoin Collectors Series, The, #02 : The Coins of Mexico Silver and Copper 1536-1939Raymond, Wayte019400
FrancesilverCoin Collectors Series, The, #03 : The Silver Ecus of France 1642-1936Raymond, Wayte019400
AmericassilverCoin Collectors Series, The, #05 : The Coins of Central American Silver and Copper 1824-1940Raymond, Wayte019410
PtolemaicsilverCoin Collectors Series, The, #07 : Standard Ptolemaic SilverNewell, Edward T019410
S AmericasilverCoin Collectors Series, The, #09 : The Coins of South America Silver and CopperRaymond, Wayte019420
West IndiesCoin Collectors Series, The, #10 : The Coins of the West IndiesRaymond, Wayte019420
collectingCoin IdentifierHobson, Burton000000
mintingCoin Makers, The: The Development of Coinage from Earliest TimesBecker, Thomas W000000
generalCoin World AlmanacWorld Almanac Publications51988World Almanac Books0
ancientRomanCoinage and History of the Roman Empire, Vol. 1 & 2Vagi, David L02001Routledge1350
ancientRomanCoinage in Roman Imperial Policy 31 BC - AD 68C.H.V. Sutherland000000
EuropeanCoinage in South-Eastern Europe 820-1396D.M Metcalf219790
Gr BritainCoinage of Ancient Britain, TheR.P. Mack300000
EthiopiaCoinage of Ethiopia, TheWood, Howland019370
JamaicaCoinage of Jamaica, TheByrne, Ray & Remick, Jerome H000000
Gr BritainRomanCoinage of Roman Britain, TheAskew, Gilbert21980Num Fine Arts90
SwitzerlandCoinage of Switzerland, The 1850-dateClarke, Robert L119680
AmericasCoinage of the AmericasButtrey, Jr., Theodore V000000
SpainCoinage of the Umayyads of Spain, TheMiles, George C019500
Gr BritainCoinages of Edward I & II, TheNorth, J J000000
Gr BritainCoincraft's 1998 Standard Catalog of English and Uk Coins, 1066 to DateLobel, R (Ed.), Davidson, Hailstone and Calligas31998Krause717
USCoined - Rich Life of Money and How its History has Shaped the U.S.Kabir Sehgal12015Grand Central Publishing317
generalCoinsPorteous, John01973Octopus Books0
generalCoins and Coin CollectingLinecar, Howard W A000000
generalCoins and Coin CollectingHobson, Burton019650
collectingCoins and collectorsBowers, Q. David01964Windsor Research Publications213
historyCoins as Living HistorySchwarz, Ted000000
ChinaCoins in China's HistoryCoole, Arthur Braden319630
historyCoins in History: Survey of Coinage From Reform of Diocletian to Latin Monetary UnionPorteous, John000000
ancientCoins of Bible DaysBanks, Florence Aiken019550
Gr BritainCoins of British Oceania, TheClarke, Robert L519710
CanadaCoins of Canada 2000Haxby, James A181999Unitrade Press263
Gr BritainCoins of England and the United Kingdom: Standard Catalogue of British CoinsSkingley, Philip472012Spink & Son Ltd.626
Gr BritainCoins of King George the Sixth, TheRaymond, Wayte019910
EuropeanCoins of Medieval Europe (Coins in History)Grierson, Philip01991Seaby248
MexicoCoins of Mexico, 1536-1963, TheUtberg, Neil S000000
PortugalCoins of Portugal and Colonies 1901-1951, TheRaymond, Wayte000000
Gr BritainRomanCoins of Roman Britain (Stanley Gibbons guides)Miller, David01976Gibbons32
NetherlandsCoins of the Netherlands & Colonies from 1890-1953Raymond, Wayte000000
papalCoins of the PopesCoffin, Joseph000000
ancientRomanCoins of the Roman EmpireAnonymous000000
worldCoins of the World 1750 - 1850Craig, William D219710
worldCoins of the World 1750 - 1850Craig, William D319760
worldCoins of the World 1901-1950Raymond, Wayte419510
worldCoins of the World 19th Century issuesRaymond, Wayte219530
worldCoins of the World 20th Century IssuesRaymond, Wayte219450
worldCoins of the World: Supplement to the Fourth Ed.Raymond, Wayte000000
collectingCoins Questions and AnswersMishler, Clifford41987Krause208
collectingCoins: Questions and AnswersAllenbaugh, Carl200000
AmericasCoins: Questions and Answers: The What When and Why of U.S. and Canadian CoinsAllenbaugh, Carl019640
GreekCollecting Ancient Greek Coins - Featuring 25 Significant TypesPaul Rynearson12009Whitman Publishing256
ColonialColonial and Early American CoinsQ. David Bowers12007Whitman Publishing210
counterfeitColonial Copies, Private Mint Replicas, Modern Counterfeits of United States CoinsSpanbauer, Larry000000
MexicoColonial Mexico, 1536-1821, and the Empire of Iturbide, 1821-1823Vogt, Dr. George W000000
commemCommemorative Coins of the United States Identification and Price GuideSwiatek, Anthony000000
ChinaCommon Chinese CoinsWatson, John G000000
generalComplete Book Coin CollectingCoffin, Joseph619790
USsilverComplete Guide to Barber Dimes, TheLawrence, David01991DLRC Press122
USsilverComplete Guide to Barber HalvesLawrence, David01992L. Briggs Rare Coins255
USsilverComplete Guide to Barber Halves01992L. Briggs Rare Coins255
USsilverComplete Guide to Barber Quarters, TheLawrence, David01989DLRC Press101
USComplete Guide to Buffalo NickelsLawrence, David01992DLRC Press124
USsilverComplete Guide to Franklin Half DollarsTomaska, Rick J22002DLRC Press0
USsilverComplete Guide to Liberty Seated DimesGreer, Brian01992DLRC Press0
UScopperComplete Guide to Lincoln CentsLange, David W01996Bowers & Merena Galleries364
USsilverComplete Guide to Mercury DimesLange, David W22005DLRC Press246
USComplete Guide to Shield & Liberty Head NickelsPeters, Gloria & Mohon, Cynthia01995DLRC Press213
USComplete Guide to Washington QuartersFeigenbaum, John11994DLRC Press149
USsilverComprehensive Catalog and Encyclopedia of Morgan and Peace DollarsVan Allen, Leroy31992DLRC Press0
USsilverComprehensive Catalog and Encyclopedia of Morgan and Peace DollarsMallis, George31992DLRC Press0
worldcurrencyComprehensive Catalog of Military Payment CertificatesSchwan, Fred21997BNR Press256
UScurrencyComprehensive Catalog of U.S. Paper Money: All United States Federal Currency Since 1812Hessler, Gene51992BNR Press0
colonialComprehensive Guide to American Colonial Coinage: its origins, history and valueDurst, Sanford J100000
confederatecurrencyConfederate and Southern State CurrencyBradbeer, William West000000
confederatecurrencyConfederate Treasury Notes: The Paper Money of the Confederate States of America, 1861-1865Chase, Philip H000000
worldgoldContemporary World Gold Coins 1934-1974Durst, Sanford J119750
ChinaCopper cash and silver taels : the money of Manchu ChinaSandrock, John E01995Gateway Press408
GermanycopperCopper Coins of German StatesEklund, O P000000
NorwaycopperCopper Coins of NorwayEklund, O P000000
RussiacopperCopper Coins of Russia & PolandEklund, O P000000
SpaincopperCopper Coins of SpainEklund, O P000000
SwedencopperCopper Coins of Sweden: Coinage of Sweden Plate MoneyEklund, O P000000
SwedencopperCopper Coins of Sweden: Coinage of Sweden Plate Money (reprint)Eklund, O P000000
colonialcopperCopper Coins of Vermont, TheCarlotto, Tony019980
counterfeitCounterfeit, Mis-Struck, and Unofficial U.S. CoinsTaxay, Don219630
counterfeitPennsylvaniaCounterfeiting in Colonial PennsylvaniaScott, Kenneth000000
UScopperCounterstamped U.S. Large CentsHellenbeck, Jr., Kenneth000000
confederatecurrencyCriswell's Currency Series, Volume 1: Confederate and Southern State CurrencyCriswell, Grover C and Clarence L000000
historyCurious Currency: The Story of Money from the Stone Age to the Internet AgeLeonard, Jr., Robert D02010Whitman152
worldCurrent Coins of the WorldYeoman, R S300000
worldCurrent Coins of the WorldYeoman, R S519720
generalDating Systems on Coins Since 1000 ADRockwell, Thomas P - The Numismatist, January 1974019740
counterfeitDetecting Altered CoinsHarsche, Bert300000
counterfeitDetecting Altered CoinsHarsche, Bert500000
ancientRomanDictionary of Ancient Roman Coins, AJones, John M01990Num Fine Arts329
GermanyDie Deutschen Reichsmunzen seit 1871Jaeger, Kurt019650
worldDollars of Africa, Asia, and Oceania, TheDavenport, John S000000
mintingDomestic and Foreign Coins Manufactured by Mints of the United States, 1792-1965U.S. Bureau of the Mint000000
UScurrencyDonlon Price Catalog, United States Small Size Paper MoneyDonlon, William P100000
USDouble Dimes: The US Twenty-cent PieceBrunner, LJ and Frost, JM02014Self170
NetherlandsDutch Overseas Territories 1681-1948Schulman, J000000
USEagle That Is Forgotten, TheOrosz, Dr. Joel J000000
UStokensEarly American tokens: A catalog of the merchant and related tokens of colonial and early republican America from 1700 to 1832Rulau, Russell21983Krause64
UStokensEarly American tokens: A catalog of the merchant and related tokens of colonial and early republican America from 1700 to 183221983Krause64
colonialEarly Coins of America - reprint 1965Crosby, S S00000Self378
PhilippinesEarly Coins of the PhilippinesDeJesus, P I, MD, Dr. P.H.000000
USsilverEarly Half Dimes of the United States, TheNewlan, Harold P000000
USbust halfEarly Half Dollar Die Varieties 1794-1836 (reprint)Parsley, Donald L42005Edward Bros.756
New YorktokensEarly New York City and State Merchants Tokens 1789-1850Raymond, Wayte000000
colonialcurrencyEarly Paper Money of America (1686-1800)Newman, Eric P41996Krause487
colonialcurrencyEarly Paper Money of America (1686-1800)Newman, Eric P52008Krause487
USscriptEdkins' Catalogue of Coal Company Store ScriptEdkins, Donald O100000
worldEight Reales and Pesos of the New WorldElizondo Jr., Carlos A219710
GermanyEmergency Coins of Germany: Metal and Porcelain 1914 to 1923Upton, Richard100000
GermanyEmergency Coins of Germany: Metal and Porcelain 1914 to 1923Emergency Money Society000000
PhilippinescurrencyEmergency Currency of Leyte, Commonwealth of the Philippines, ThePeterson, Mendel L, Lt., SC, USN000000
generalEncyclopedia of CoinsReed, Mort000000
UScentEncyclopedia of Early US Cents 1793-1814Breen, Walter02000Bowers & Merena Galleries, Inc857
GoldEncyclopedia of United States Gold Coins 1795-1933Jeff Garrett and Ron Guth12006Whitman Publishing Co.636
USEncyclopedia of US & Colonial Proof Coins 1722-1977Breen, Walter01988Doubleday754
UShalf centsEncyclopedia of US Half Cents 1793-1857Breen, Walter01983American Inst of Numis Research501
Gr BritainEnglish Coins in the British Museum: Anglo-Saxon 1Keary, Charles000000
Gr BritainEnglish Coins in the British Museum: Anglo-Saxon 2Grueber, Herbert and Keary, Charles000000
Gr BritainEnglish Coins: From the Seventh Century to the PresentBrooke, George C000000
Gr BritainEnglish Hammered Coinage, Vol. 1: Early Anglo-Saxon to Henry III c. 600-1272North, J J000000
Gr BritainEnglish Hammered Coinage, Vol. 2: Edward I to Charles II 1272-1662North, J J000000
Gr BritainEnglish NoblesDavenport, John S000000
Gr BritainsilverEnglish Silver Coinage from 1649Seaby, H A & Raynor, P Alan300000
ESNAENSA-Albany Sale for the ESNA Convention Albany, May 15-16th 1959French's000000
EuropeanEuropean Crowns 1600-1700Davenport, John S000000
EuropeanEuropean Crowns 1700-1800Davenport, John S000000
EuropeanEuropean Crowns and Talers since 1800Davenport, John S000000
ForgeriesFakes & Forgeries (The true crime stories of history's greatest deceptions)Brian Innes12005Reader's Digest256
USsilverFantastic 1804 Dollar, TheNewman, Eric P & Bressett, Kenneth E019620
CanadaFantastic Story of the 1965 Canadian Dollar Varieties, The000000
USsilverFederal half dimes, 1792-1837Logan, Russell J11998John Reich Collectors Society293
USFell's United States Coin Book 1997Del Monte, Jacques200000
USFell's United States Coin Book, 1995: The Definitive U.S. Coin Guide Since 1943 (Fell's Official Know-It-All's Guide to Coins)Hughes, Roderick P141995Lifetime Books0
ChinaFeng jian zhu yi ji qi dang dai ying xiangJi, Jinduo02003Zhongguo she hui ke xue chu ban she212
ChinaFeng jian zhu yi ji qi dang dai ying xiangFeudalism--China.02003Zhongguo she hui ke xue chu ban she212
Price GuideFirst Edition Reissue of the Red BookR.S. Yeoman11946Whitman Publishing254
UScentFlying Eagle and Indian Head Cent Attribution GuideSnow, Richard E22012Eagle Eye Rare Coins133
mintingForeign Coins Struck at United States MintsAltz, Charles G and Barton, E H000000
worldmedalsForeign War Medals, Orders-DecorationsBabin, Lenard000000
USFractional Money: A History of Small Coins and Fractional Paper Currency of the United StatesCarothers, Neil000000
biographyFranklin and NumismaticsBradfield, Elston, G000000
mintingFranklin Mint History of the United States, TheThe Franklin Mint019770
ESNAFrench's Star Sale for the Empire State Numismatic Association ConventionFrench's000000
FakesGenuine and Fake - Coins, Banknotes, Electronic MoneyPublished in Rome12008Librera Dello Stato441
WashingtonmedalsGeorge Washington Medals of 1889Douglas, Susan H000000
GermanyGerman Church and City Talers 1600-1700Davenport, John S200000
GermanyGerman Secular Talers 1600-1700Davenport, John S000000
GermanyGerman Talers Since 1800Davenport, John S019490
GermanyGermanic Coinages: Charlemagne through Wilhelm IICraig, William D000000
ItalymedalsGoethe's Italian Renaissance MedalsGans, Edward119690
medalsmedalsGoetz Two: A Supplement to the Medals of Karl GoetzKienast, Gunter W11986Artus Co179
EuropeangoldGold coins of Europe since 1800; a catalogue with valuations.Schlumberger, Hans01968Sterling Pub. Co.352
AmericasgoldGold coins of the Americas; a catalogue of gold coins of the Western Hemisphere from 1750 to dateHarris, Robert P11971ANCO280
USgoldGold Coins of the Carson City MintWinter, Douglas 12001DWN Publishing201
worldgoldGold Coins of the World: Complete from 600 AD to PresentFriedberg, Robert200000
generalGreat Coins and MedalsBabelon, Jean000000
ancientGreekGreek Coins & Their Values Vol. 2: Asia and AfricaSear, David R01979Seaby Publications762
ancientGreekGreek Coins & Their Values Vol. I: EuropeSear, David R01978Trafalgar Square Publishing318
ancientGreekGreek Coins and Their ValuesSeaby, H A200000
ancientGreekGreek Coins and Their Values: Asia Minor to Egypt Vol 2Sear, David R01996Spink & Son Ltd766
Gr BritainGuide Book of English Coins: 19th and 20th Centuries, ABressett, Kenneth E619680
Gr BritainGuide Book of Great Britain's Modern Coins, The 1860-1960Taylor, H C and James, Somer119610
UScopperGuide Book of Half Cents and Large Cents, ABowers, Q. David12015Whitman564
USsilverGuide Book of Liberty Seated Silver Coins, ABowers, Q. David02017Whitman608
MexicoGuide Book of Mexican Coins 1822 to Date, AHubbard, Clyde and Buttrey, T V41986Krause256
MexicoGuide Book of Mexican Decimal Coins, 1863-1963, AButtrey, Theodore V000000
AmericasGuide Book of Modern Latin American Coins, AHarris, Robert P019660
UScurrencyGuide Book of Modern US CurrencyShafer, Neil500000
USsilverGuide Book of Morgan Silver DollarsBowers, Q. David22005Whitman288
USsilverGuide Book of Morgan Silver DollarsBowers, Q. David32007Whitman291
historyphilatelicGuide Book of Philatelic Numismatics Covers, AWalker, Doris100000
PhilippinescurrencyGuide Book Of Philippine Paper Money, AShafer, Neil019640
RussiaGuide Book of Russian Coins 1725-1970Harris, Robert P100000
USGuide Book of Shield and Liberty Head NickelsBowers, Q. David02006Whitman277
MexicoGuide Book of the Coins of Mexico 1536-1967, AUtberg, Neil S019670
AmericasGuide Book of the Rare and Scarce of Latin AmericaSeppa, Dale Allen019690
USGuide Book of United States Coins, 1997 (Cloth)Yeoman, R S501996Golden Books0
USGuide Book of United States Coins, 2013 (spiral)Yeoman, R S and Bressett, K662013Whitman447
UScurrencyGuide Book of United States Fractional Currency 1863 - 1876, ARothert, Matt019630
woodenGuide Book of Wooden MoneyHudson, Thomas600000
IrelandGuide Book to the Coinage of Ireland 995 AD-PresentDowell, Anthony and Finn, Patrick000000
UScurrencyGuide Book United States Currency, AShafer, Neil419700
CanadaGuide for the Grading of Canadian Coins, APaul, Cecil S & Parker, Gerald B0196442
UScurrencyGuide of United States Fractional Currency, ARothert, Matt000000
ancientJewishGuide to Biblical CoinsHendin, David42001Amphora511
ancientGreekGuide to the Principal Coins of the Greeks, AThe Trustees of the British Museum000000
mintingGuidebook of Franklin Mint IssuesKrause, Charles L019820
MexicotokensHacienda Tokens of MexicoEklund, O P & Noe, Sydney P000000
USgoldHandbook of Twentieth Century US Gold CoinsAkers, David W01988Bowers & Merena Galleries, Incorporated0
UStokensHard Times TokensRulau, Russell019800
UStokensHard Times Tokens 1832-1844Rulau, Russell319870
HawaiiHawaiian Coins, Tokens, and Paper MoneyGould, Maurice M000000
HawaiiHawaiian Coins, Tokens, and Paper MoneyGould, Maurice M & Bressett, Kenneth000000
HawaiiHawaiian MoneyMetcalf, Donald & Russell, Ronald400000
HawaiiHawaiian Money and MedalsMetcalf, Gordon & Fong, Robert400000
mintingHewitt's Numismatic Information Series: Dies and CoinageBreen, Walter000000
mintingHewitt's Numismatic Information Series: How United States Coins are MadeThompson, Walter000000
POWHewitt's Numismatic Information Series: Prisoner of War Monies and MedalsSlabaugh, Arlie R000000
generalHigh Profits from Rare Coin InvestmentsBowers, Q. David619790
ancientHighly Important Ancient Coins on October 9th, 1984 at 6:00PMChristies of London000000
AmericasHispaniola DividedByrne, Ray000000
SpainHistoria de la Moneda de HondurasFlores, Arturo Castillo019740
HistoryHistoria NumorumBarclay V. Hend11968Argonaut Inc.967
worldgoldHistoric Gold Coins of the WorldHobson, Burton000000
historyHistorical Account of American Coinage, AnHickcox, John H000000
UScommemHistorical Arrangement of United States Commerative CoinsFoster, Charles W000000
historyJewishHistory of Jewish CoinageMadden, Frederic C019670
IsraelHistory of Modern Israel's Money 1917-1967, TheHaffner, Sylvia400000
IsraelHistory of Modern Israel's Money, The 1917-1967Haffner, Sylvia119670
historyHistory of Money and Medals, TheSmithsonian000000
historyHistory of the US Mint and Its CoinageLange, David W02005Whitman190
historyHow Much Is That in Real Money?: A Historical Commodity Price Index for Use As a Deflator of Money Values in the Economy of the United StatesMcCusker, John J22001Am Antiquarian Soc142
collectingHow to Collect Stamps, Coins, and Paper MoneyFelix, Ervin J019540
ancientGreekHow to Read Greek CoinsPennington, Paul000000
ChinaIllustrated Catalog of Chinese CoinsKann, E000000
worldeasternIllustrated Coin Dating Guide of the Eastern WorldGalloway01984Krause136
worldeasternIllustrated Coin Dating Guide of the Eastern World01984Krause136
UScommemIllustrated history of U.S. commemorative coinage, AnTaxay, Don01967Arco Pub. Co.256
GreekIllustrations of the Historia Numorum: An Atlas of Greek NumismaticsBarclay Vincent Head11968Argonaut Inc, Chicago64
biographyImage of AugustusWalker, Susan and Burnett, Andrew01981Brit. Museum Pubns.48
biographymedalsIncidents in the Life of E. W. Cole and a Collectors: Guide & Catalogue to his MedalsChitty, Alfred & Williams, Henry019240
USvarietiesIndian Cent Date VaritiesSteinberger, Otto C000000
historyInside View of the Coin Hobby in the 1930's, AnNichols, Walter P000000
historygoldInsider's Guide to Collecting Type I Double EaglesWinter, Douglas & Crum, Adam02002Newport Communications228
generalInternational Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Numismatics (Serial)Carlton, R Scott01996Krause444
generalInternational Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Numismatics (Serial)01996Krause444
IsraelIsrael Numismatics and its Bright FutureGould, Maurice M000000
IsraelIsrael's Modern Money and Medals 1917-1970Haffner, Sylvia000000
IsraelIsrael's MoneyKadman, Leo200000
ItalyItalian Coin Engravers since 1800Clain-Stefanelli, Elvira Eliza000000
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